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About Neighbor Webmaster

Neighbor Webmaster was started in 2006 by Kepler Gelotte. Kepler had been a computer programmer and had headed up many large scale projects for Fortune 500 companies in the past 20+ years.

He decided to turn his attention to the current state of business web design. Being a programmer with attention to detail, he thought he could bring that same level of expertise to the small business owner at an affordable cost. Three years later he has the tools and experience to make your web site a success.

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The Neighbor Webmaster Process

I. Identify the purpose of your business web site
Without a clear purpose of what your web site is trying to accomplish, your web site will loose focus and customers. We will discuss your goals during an initial consultation. We can then decide where a web site could help your business the most; whether it be answering your customer's most common questions, selling to your customer online, or just helping customers find your business.
II. A design mockup is created
Based on the discussions from the initial consultation, a design will be created using PhotoShop and saved as an image you can view on the internet. This design can be modified until it meets your expectations.
III. Pages and their content are defined
In addition to the design, we will discuss the pages and any extra functionality you should have for your web site during the initial consultation. Most clients prefer to write the content (text) for the pages on their web site. Our team can review it and help "punch it up" so it will perform better on the internet if desired. We also have access to professional copy writers to assist you if you have no idea of where to start when writing your content.
IV. Register and build your web site
Your business domain will be registered (if it hasn't been already). The design created in step II will be broken up and code will be written to bring the pieces together. Any extra functionality will also be coded and tested at this point. The content you have created will be loaded into the web site and it will be staged at a temporary location for you to review. 
V. Web site goes live
Hosting will be obtained either through Neighbor Webmaster or another hosting company. The staged web site will be moved to it's final destination and the domain will be modified to point to the new location. Your web site is now live!
VI. Final review
We will conduct a final review with you of the web site and a walk through of how to maintain the web site. Of course we will still be available to answer questions as you get used to maintaining your web site. The content management system is designed to be simple to use so it should not take long for you to become an expert.
VII. Maintenance
Different business owners have different work demands. Not everyone can spend the time maintaining their web site. We will be there to help you in the months and years ahead if you need us. We can help by making changes to content, adding new functionality or features, determining traffic sources and performing keyword analysis. Other ongoing services we perform are search engine optimization, marketing strategies, and web site promotion.


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