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Web Hosting

Web Hosting is where your web site "lives".

What is a web host? A web host is a computer dedicated for web sites. It has the software installed that is needed for web sites. The computer itself is housed in a facililty with many other host machines. The facility has backup power generators in case they lose power. They also have high capacity internet lines running into their facility to handle all the traffic to all the web sites. There is a staff involved in maintaing the machines so that they can guarantee 99%+ uptime. 

Neighbor Webmaster has a dedicated platform at a reputable facility. We maintain the hosting platform's software and only host web sites that we developed. The biggest potential threat to a web site is not from the outside but from security holes in web sites that are hosted on the same machine as your web site. We know all the code on our platform and can fix any problems quickly.

What about GoDaddy? They are cheaper than you.

That is true, other hosting companies may be slightly cheaper than us. They also cram thousands of web sites onto a single machine. This is fine as long as all the web sites get relativley low traffic. If one web site starts getting a lot of traffic or is so poorly coded that it starts chewing up computer resources, all web sites on that server may be affected. Here is a reverse lookup to show a typical GoDaddy host server:

Here is a reverse lookup on our server (there are multiple domains pointing to single web sites so the true number of hosted sites is closer to 30):

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